Welcome to the Flare Finance Open BETA Program.

We’re glad you could make it!

This summary will cover:

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Progress Recap

Since launching publicly October 2020, we have amassed just under 50K pre launch. 28.9K followers on our main twitter page, launched the first block explorer (FlareScan) on Flare Network , 9K followers on FlareScan, 7.8K on Discord and 3.4K on Telegram.

Follow this guide to get set up for the BETA Test/Contest.

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Download MetaMask for your browser or phone

2. After installing MetaMask create a new wallet. Don’t forget to record your private keys as MetaMask is non-custodial if you lose your keys, your wallet can’t be recovered.

3. Now that we have MetaMask installed we must connect MetaMask to Flare’s Coston Test Network. Click the MetaMask icon in the top right corner of your browser.

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Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions directed at the Flare Finance Ecosystem. If any further clarifications are needed, please reach out to us on our of our social networks and we will be sure to add it in.

Flare Finance FAQ

What is Flare Finance?

Flare Finance is the first institutional grade decentralized finance platform being built on the Flare Network. It will deliver 6 industry proven products to the Flare Ecosystem consisting of trading, yield farming, stable currency, loans, insurance, and yield mining. All together, Flare Finance will promote a truly decentralized financial ecosystem with a widely diverse…

A Brief Introduction to Flare Finance

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Welcome to Flare Finance

We’d like to start off by thanking all the participants of our initial giveaway contest. Although cryptocurrency giveaways have a very negative stigma (for good reason), on a base level rewarding potential users in our direct target market to share the project with other potential users makes the most sense of all. We will continue to use cryptocurrency to incentivize network expansion with publicly verifiable giveaways to utilize direct to consumer spending to create a net positive impact for both parties.

We would also like to reaffirm the fact that…

Flare Finance

Decentralized Finance Platform on the Flare Network

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