A Primer on Flare Finance NFTs

Before the contest begins here’s a quick breakdown of the Samurai NFT collection. Each Samurai NFT version features a custom card, video, and soundtrack, but they all carry the same benefit. Samurai NFTs can be staked in a pool that holds 1% of the Teams Profits. Doing so earns them their share of that pool for every second they are staked in it. As the Flare Main Network has not yet launched we have minted the series on Ethereum using https://rarible.com/.

BETA NFTs will not be sold by the team only gifted to participants of our beta contests. If you are looking to buy from one of the owners please ensure you are viewing the correct collection.

There are only a total of 1,000 Samurai NFT’s. There will not be more. The Flare Finance NFT Series will feature different NFT’s offering various bonuses in the ecosystem. The rest of which will be launched on the Flare Main Network after the Samurai NFT’s have been swapped over as well.

Samurai NFT Rarity Groups

20 Ultra Rare

The Ultra Rare Samurai NFT can be viewed here:

230 Super Rare

The Super Rare Samurai NFT can be viewed here:

750 Semi-Rare

The Semi-Rare Samurai NFT can be viewed here:

If you’re interested in winning some of the remaining Samurai NFTs check out this article on The Open Beta Contest launching soon!

As always we appreciate your support as we play our role in helping make Flare Network a world class experience for both developers and users alike!

Decentralized Finance Platform on the Flare Network

Decentralized Finance Platform on the Flare Network