Flare Finance — The Open BETA Begins

Welcome to the Flare Finance Open BETA Program.

We’re glad you could make it!

This summary will cover:

  1. A “How-To” on Wallet Setup and a quick FAQ.
  2. A Tentative Beta Schedule.
  3. Awards, Prizes and Free Assorted Crypto Airdrops.

Progress Recap

Since launching publicly October 2020, we have amassed just under 50K pre launch. 28.9K followers on our main twitter page, launched the first block explorer (FlareScan) on Flare Network , 9K followers on FlareScan, 7.8K on Discord and 3.4K on Telegram.

Twitter Stats @FlrFinance
Twitter Stats @FlareScan
Flare Finance Discord
Flare Finance Telegram

Wallet Setup

In order to utilize Flare Finance DAPPs built on Flare’s Coston Network you need a Web3 compatible wallet. For the test, we recommend using one of the following wallets:

BETA Schedule

The BETA Program will have a high focus on locating and isolating bugs and user-experience issues across all platforms. This being said, you will be walking into a flurry of questions, errors, issues, and a bit of frustration. Please do note that all of this is as planned and we have organized our BETA program to be as “bare” as possible. Our goal is not to guide you all in any way on our platform, instead we prefer to analyze each of our users from the moment they get on platform, until the moment they become professionals at utilizing it. The whole point of this experiment is to find where we can better provide information, where information is in abundance, and where it just plain confuses people. This being said, all of the emotions you endure will be planned and part of the program. Do not be flustered, just enjoy the time!

  1. Farm some currency using xUSD and other tokens you are provided on FlareFarm.
  2. Provide Liquidity and Trade currencies on FlareX to try and build up your bag.
  3. Participate in governance once you have more YFLR and YFIN so we can test user proposals.
  4. Watch out for market swings as us whales will be simulating dumps and pumps in the ecosystem to help modify the overall curve of our AMM appropriately for long term sustainability.

Awards, Prizes, and Free Assorted Crypto Drops

The overall competition is centered around who can collect the most $ value at the end of the competition through utilizing our available 3 products. This means users must wrap, swap, farm, and earn their way to the top by doing any of the following tasks:

  1. Stake your currency on FlareFarm to earn yield.
  2. Trade on FlareX to attempt to catch market swings and multiply your earnings.

It’s Time to Musk!

Get ready to go by heading on over to our Discord at https://discord.gg/flarefinance and begin the dive into the Flare Finance BETA Program.

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